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Islington Mill

Islington Mill was a cotton spinning mill in Salford, near to Manchester city centre. It is a stones throw from our school. It has now been converted into loft apartments and is home to over 50 artists with art galleries a recording studio and some club space. It has changed a lot over the last ten years and is an exciting and important creative place. 


For further information about Islington Mill a link is below. 



The Angel Centre


The Angel is a social enterprise which delivers public health outcomes in some of Salford’s most deprived community areas. Also working with St Philip's on many different projects.


Tietara are a group of residents and tenants residing on Islington Estate.               For information about the group see the link below.

St Philip's C of E Church


St Philip’s Church is proud of their history of social action and uplifting
worship. The congregation includes locals new and old – and people from further away with connections to the church.  St Philip’s worships in the Anglican tradition and is committed to being inclusive of everybody.


We are proud of our Church at St Philip's and work very closely together. We have a church page on our website featuring work the children have done.

For a direct link to St Philip's C of E Church please visit the website, a link is below. 


Salford Online

This is an interesting website to visit with information you may find useful. 



Please click on the link below for more information about the Angel Centre

 Islington Mill


For further information about Islington Mill please click on the link below



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