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St. Philip’s C of E school hosts two 8 place Language Resources within open plan infant and  junior departments. They have designated areas but are not behind closed doors. The children placed here are between 4 and 11 years old and have a range of speech and language disorders. These include difficulties with expression, understanding, phonology, semantics and pragmatic language.

The key stage 1 Resource has been based at St. Philip’s since 1991. It is one of three provisions in Salford for infant aged children. The key stage 2 Resource opened in January 2000 and is one of two such resources  in Salford for junior aged children.

The Language Resources provide a specialist environment for children  with speech and language disorders. The children receive intensive teaching and speech and language therapy whilst still being part of a mainstream primary school.

Each resource is staffed by one full time Teacher and one full time Nursery Nurse / level 3 Teaching Assistant.

The children follow a broad curriculum that includes all the strands of the National Curriculum taught in the mainstream classes. However there is extra emphasis on all aspects of language and literacy as these are areas of difficulty for all children in the language resources.

The Language Resource children join the mainstream children at play times and dinner times. They are also involved in class and whole school assemblies, and take a full part in the life of the school.

All the staff at St. Philip’s are kept fully aware of the children’s Special needs, to ensure a sensitive and supportive environment at all times.

Before placement in the language resource a child will have had a full assessment by an EducationalPsychologist, a medical investigation and a period of Speech and language therapy. Other additional agencies may also be involved. Evidence from these interventions is considered by the local Education Authority who recommend Language Resource if it is appropriate.

At every stage, parents are involved and their wishes sought to ensure a partnership between home, school and the local Education Authority to best meet the needs of the child.

Children may be transported between home and school in a minibus or taxi, according to the LEA Transport Policy. There is usually an escort on the transport who takes responsibility for the children.

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The Language Resources at St Philip’s provide a specialist and caring educational environment for children with speech and language disorders. They consist of intensive provision with Teachers, Nursery Nurses, Teaching Assistants and Speech and Language Therapists working closely together to ensure that the children are happy and make the best possible progress.

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