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What does a Learning Mentor do?

Learning Mentors provide a complementary service to teachers and other staff, addressing the needs of children who require assistance in overcoming barriers to learning in order to achieve their full potential.

Learning Mentors can help your child to:
   Express their views.
 Raise self esteem and confidence

 Manage pressures and

difficult times in their lives

 Encourage them to achieve

 Support them in developing friendships

 Learn about their social and emotional skills and how to improve these

Other Issues that Learning Mentors can help with:
                                                 Bereavement and loss
 Transition to new classes and schools
Support for parents
Attendance & Punctuality
 Promoting positive

Tim Hayward will be working as a higher level TA at St. Philip's. Part of his role will involve co-ordinating all of the curriculum sports topics/activities, morning move it and running after school clubs that focus on physical development. He will also be supporting topics such as read write inc.

How to contact us

School Number: 0161  8326637

Direct line: 0161 921 1857


Or alternatively call into school and ask Mrs.Lewis at the desk to call for the person that you require.